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Memauan Information
Histroy (Condensed)

B.M. is Before Memauan, Memauils son. A.I. is after Memauans death infecting the leader of an invading army with a skrasher, who decimated the alien army, which caused them to retreat, and never to return.
B.M. = Before Memauan
A.I. = After Infection
2000 B.M. Memauil comes to the planet, with his 15 cousins and starts the first city; Memacil, the holy city. Writes the Great Book, the code of conduct for Memau.
1850 B.M. Memauil dies, ascending to goddom again, to become ruler of all gods.
1535 B.M. The Great War begins. 2 large factions of Memau, the Great Memauil Federation, GMF, an the Society for Memak, SFM, 2 different believes on the all-powerful gods.
1500 B.M. The Great War ends, the GMF defeating the SFM. There are suspicions the gods may have started the war to settle a dispute. Over 30,000 Memau died from a population of 1 million. Primitive weapons were used.
1011 B.M. Memaui Empire formed, conquering the neighboring nations of Nemauil and Menauik. Memauan City formed as the base for the Empire.
829 B.M Memaui Empire falls, being ravaged by Memaj Barbarians. The remnants dissolve into feuding city-states.
50 B.M Prophecy of Memauan delivered by Memak.
5 B.M. Aliens come and try to conquer the planet.
0 B.M Memauan born.
15 years after memauans birth: Whole planet comes together under Memauans leadership.
0 A.I Memauan infects enemy leader, alien forces retreat, never to be seen again.
20 A.I. Memau discover rudimentary space flight using parts from invading armys ships left behind.
46 A.I. World Government formed. The Memauan Empire
65 A.I. First contact made with greys. Sadly all of them were killed when the skrasher eggs got implanted in them, by accident.
74 A.I. Research into skrashers begins.
80 A.I. Discovered that Memauan atmosphere nullifys egg.
83 A.I. Injection treatment for atmosphere to nullify egg put into wide use for space travellers.
100 A.I.-1460 A.I. Dark Ages. No records of happenings on Memauan. Memauan population Abroad continues to grow.
1501 A.I. Memauan Empire is overthrown, replaced by the Memauan High Council, MHC. Diplomats are sent to the Galactic Alliance.
1502 A.I. Memauan High Council recognized as government by the G.A.
1561 A.I. 10 sectors with 70 habitable planets aquired in the Necram Purcase from the Karmarama(Suspected they were high) fo only 20,000 E
1550 A.I Memau_on_Steroids the 2nd(me), son of one of the leaders of the rebellion against the Memauan Empire, and president of the MHC, is born.
Prophecy that MoS could be the next Memauan, to fight off an alien army. When grown he denies it, although he climbs the ranks in the military very fast.
1600 A.I. Now exctinct race of the KarmaGors, genetic experiments gone wrong, attack the MHC. Full scale war was raged on the KarmaGors.
The Memauan Main Advance Force, led by MoS, destroys the remnant of the KarmaGors, recieves the Purple Tail.
1625 A.I. Attack of the creatures from another dimension sweeps through Gem Slug space and into Memauan Territory.
1663 A.I. After a 40 year war the creatures are defeated, the last of them retreating through a specila worm-hole, which is closed soon after.
G.A. and the Gem Slugs do not acknowledge Memauan's help, nor that the invaders even existed.
2000 A.I. Current events of RPG Dinner and RPG Station Life.
3000 A.I. Predicted that yet another reincarnated Memauan will infect the leader of another great army, but this time it will allow the Memau to conquer the universe.


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