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Memauan Information
The Great Migration

After the formation of the Memaui Empire and its first two victories defeating the Nemauil and Menauik nations, a new threat arose; the Confederation of United Cronasian Nations. The vast resources of Cronasia were now cut off from the Empire. If it was to survive it would need a new source of resources. And since the Memau are a non-seafaring race there boats could barely cross from Cronasia to Memanuk. Then the Mejali Islands were discovered by the Second Infantry Division of the Memaui Army. The Mejali Islands are the only Islands on all of Memauan, and are so close together a Kasvagorian could walk from one to the next in places. An expeditionary force was sent along these islands to discover any military value of them. Little did they know that they would discover the single largest depository of resources on Memauan, they would discover the Island of Serna. This discovery led to the quick destruction of the Confederation. Almost 50% of the population of the Empire migrated to the Island, hoping to conserve food resources. But soon the expulsion of the Empire from Serna, brought about by natives that overwhelmed the Imperial forces by sheer numbers, destroyed the Empire from the inside out by splitting it into smaller factions ruled by ruthless warlords. And the emigration of the civilians from the front lines and behind caused the armies to run out of food because there was no one to grow it.


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