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Memauan Information
The Infusion of Technology Into Early Memau Lifestyle

When the first Memau arrived on Memauan, they built the first city of many, the Holy City, Memacil. Their Ancestors made monuments of their gods; they created money, and they started their new existence in the mortal plane. Everything was fine and peaceful until the population was growing too large for the city and its countryside, so their ancestors began to build more and more cities to accommodate the population. Eventually they ventured out into the reaches of space, far away from their home with the help from the crashed alien ships. Back at the cities they began to train special Memau, Memau to explore, to go forth and discover new worlds for their population to colonize. But when the group of Memau returned home, they brought back news of great technology. The High Council began to talk about the benefits of adding technology to everyday Memau life. When the spiritual Memau, the Monks of Memauil, got wind of this, they protested it with all of their power. They protested; "We should stick to the old ways, the better ways! The ways that were given to us by the Gods!" But the council accepted the technology and started to see improvements in all Memau life. For example, combing ones fur was much easier with the Laser Comber 2000. Memau started to show great interest in space and stations. So the council decided to let Memau become tourists and explore the stations, but the Explorer Memau still went to work and brought back tales of the wide galaxy. Others went out to work on the discovered space stations, making the peeps happy and scaring away rodents.. The E they were paid was then used to buy and maintain the technology. Some Memau studied to become maintenance peeps to maintain the technology on Memauan and so on and so forth. All Memau were and are required to go to school and take up some skill in one thing or another. This has been the way of life since then, and Memau are still exploring the galaxy, Peeps enjoy the Memau's company, and other Memau still work on the home world.


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