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Welcome to Memauan, the Memau's haven

Downloads For Startopia Fans.

User Made Missions:

A mission made by me that allows you to create a perfect statuin, with an initial focus on the Bio-Deck.

Nova Panic, by DMA57361, a collection of goals on a station near an exploding Supernova.

You are set up to run a sandbox level, but with a twist. To keep things interesting (and confusing) you will recieve an objective after half and hour. You must meet this to avoid losing. Once you complete an objective, you are given another. These are random so that you will normally recieve a different game each timeyou play!

You have been employed to operate this station as a trading post. It's not being broadcast as a public station so do not expect any alien visiters, just your original Targ employees. Starting with a tiny 15000e and basic facilitys you have to make as much money as your employees ask of you. A simple task but without the biodeck, entertainment deck or any employees for a factory, you must work hard to make any profit. As well as that you will be expected to make at least 10% profit every 10 minutes. Fail to do so, and you
will have your contract terminated.
The newest product of DMA57361, a mod that expands the controlbility of the Skirmish mode of the game.


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